The Adams Animal Control Officer is based out of the police department and has many responsibilities in relation to both domestic and wild animals within the town. The more common complaints that are received involve dog bites, strays and the disposal of road kill. The ACO also traps wild animals that are of a nuisance to residents, and safely (if possible) releases them back into the wild. He maintains the town's dog pound and is authorized to issue violations for various animal infractions. The ACO conducts barn inspections as part of his duties, and works closely with the Greylock Animal Hospital in North Adams.

The full-time animal control officer (Monday thru Friday) is Terence Moran. The part-time (weekend) animal control officer is Daniel Lefebvre. They can be contacted by email or through the police department.

Animal Problems or Concerns:
Residents are encouraged to speak with their neighbors if they have concerns about the neighbor's animals, such as barking. If the problem continues, you can call the Adams Police Department for assistance. Vicious animals, animal bites, and dogs at large, should be reported immediately to the Adams Police Department.

Missing Animals:
Impounded animals are transported to the dog pound, which is a secured facility. You may file a lost report with the police department.

Impounded Animals:
Owners may claim an impounded animal after paying an impound and board fee, which is $15.00 for the first day $10.00 any additional days in the pound. You may also be responsible for any town by-law violations.