The Internet has proven to be an invaluable addition to our society. In this day and age virtually all Americans have access to it through schools, work and their own homes. However, what is seen by most as a convenient and entertaining tool for gathering information, shopping and socializing is, unfortunately, also used by others as a weapon to commit crimes such as extortion, harassment and distributing child pornography.

Former Adams Police Chief Bruce McLaren recognized the potentially dangerous side of the Internet and in 1995 began sending officers to specialized computer crime training. Today, Officer Keith Erdeski has been trained in the investigations of identity theft, online fraud, network intrusion, e-mail harassment, computer component theft, computer hacking, internet fraud, child pornography and online credit card abuse. Officer Keith Erdeski recieved training with the Department of Justice's Internet Crimes Against Children program and the High-Tech Criminal Investigation Association. He works closely with the Massachusetts State Police Computer Crimes Unit and the Berkshire County District Attorney's Office in any investigations involving these types of offenses.

Please contact Ofc. Keith Erdeski if you have any questions or to report a computer crime.