The "Are You OK?" telephone reassurance program is a free automated service of the Adams Police Department designed to maintain daily reliable contact to subscribers, and signal a police response if the re is no answer. The service is available to any resident of Adams over the age of 60, or to residents who are homebound, the medically disabled - either on a permanent or long-term basis regardless of age. The program can be used with other programs in which the participant is enrolled.


When you become a subscriber to the program you decide at what time you'd like to be called - between 7:00am and 10:00am seven days a week. When you answer the telephone an automated message will ask that you respond by saying that you are OK. If your telephone line is busy, or if there is no answer, the system will call back two more times. If there is still no answer your data sheet will print out at the police department dispatch center and an emergency response will begin. Again, this is a free service.
For further information, or to sign up yourself or someone you love, contact Sgt. Richard Tarsa at the police station or by email.